About Me...

Hello! I'm Melissa.

I love photos. From everyday snapshots to family heritage photos I want to take care of my photos and include them in my life. In 2017 my dad digitized a few dozen reel-to-reel home movies and I uploaded them to YouTube. It was a very fulfilling project that we still enjoy to this day. My desire to organize, preserve and ENJOY family photos grew from there. I learned everything I could about photo preservation best practices. A project that seemed overwhelming at first was slowly completed. And then there were the digital photos! I completed Miss Freddy’s Backup Bootcamp in early 2020 and haven’t looked back. I love that my family’s photo archive is now digitized and organized and that it’s so easy to make photo projects and share our memories.

As happy as I am now with my photos, it took me a long time to get here. I don’t think it should be that hard for you! Let me help you simplify your photo chaos and provide you with a memory archive that you can enjoy. Get ready to say HELLO to your photos!

A bit about me…

I live in sunny Los Angeles with my family and pets. I’ve moved many times within California and Washington State and each move I’ve struggled with balancing all of our “stuff” with my sentimental nature. Before having children I taught cooking and foods courses as part of high school Career & Technical Education programs. 

I almost always have a project in the works or I’m making something. I find I’m happiest when I am busy creating or solving a problem. In addition to photo organizing projects I enjoy going for walks, creating family recipe books, genetic genealogy and family history research.

Ready to get your photos organized?