Legacy Archive

Create a family photo archive to enjoy and pass down for generations.


What is a legacy archive?

A complete collection of your family photographs:

  • Organized
  • Preserved
  • Searchable by name, date, special events
  • Backed up and secure
  • Shareable

Legacy Archive Items include:

  • Heritage photos
  • Family albums
  • Scrapbooks
  • Heirloom documents
  • Journals & letters
  • All photographs
  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Recipes
  • Genealogy Research
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Home movies
  • Audio cassettes
  • Digital Photos

your legacy archive

Your physical items will be organized and returned in archival safe boxes with an index to your family’s photo archive. Your completed digitized Legacy Archive will reside on at least one external hard drive and in a secure photo sharing site appropriate for your needs. Schedule a complimentary consult to learn more about creating a Legacy Archive for your family photos.

create a family photo archive

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