If you are overwhelmed by the digital photos and videos on your phone, computer, flash drives, and old computers you are in the right place. In a DIGITAL ORGANIZING SESSION we collect all of your digital photos and organize them into ONE PLACE and BACK THEM UP so that you can enjoy them and breathe a sigh of relief!
Currently waitlisted. Openings expected Fall 2022


how it works


Using screen share we GATHER your digital photos from cloud accounts, computers, external hard drives, CDs, USB drives and old devices onto a new External Hard Drive


Exact DUPLICATE photos are identified and removed from your photo collection. Usually there are a lot!


Your photos are then SORTED into chronological folders by year and month. This is your organized photo library - a beautiful sight to behold


Now it's time to BACKUP your brand new photo library to the cloud service of your choice. We then have a concluding session where I show you how to navigate your PHOTO LIBRARY


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You will pay for your chosen cloud service and will need a new External Hard Drive. Usually, a 2 T drive works well and costs around $60. This will be discussed during our initial call. 

Using screenshare software I am able to organize your photos remotely. You are in control of your computer at all times and can end the session if you choose to. I am able to initiate downloads and start certain phases of the process during a screenshare but many times I will end the screenshare and you can allow these processes to run in the background.

Your privacy is very important to me. I deal with your photos as mass quantity files and will be spot checking duplicates or anything without a date. I will see some of your photos but not the majority. If I do find anything of a sensitive nature I will move it into a separate folder for your review so that it will not be uploaded to your cloud service.


say goodbye to photo mess...

...and HELLO to your precious photos memories! Your photos should be enjoyed and shared with those you love. Don't let your scattered photos stress you out any longer. Book a DIGITAL PHOTO ORGANIZING session today!